All the Things We Cannot See

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As the managing partner of Capture Books, I represent a small publisher’s few authors, listed on www.CaptureBookstore. Our writers’ group decided to take an adventure, a risk, into the middle world between self-publishing and traditional big house publishing. We peeled back layers of our skills to take a look. We looked, felt, smelled and tasted like a group of fine editors, entrepreneurs, comrades, and writers, several of whom had been published, and two of whom could speak publicly. But publishers?  Naaaah….

After a year of marinating, you can find my credits on LinkedIn. How did this happen?

Pooling our resources, we voted on a name and sketched out a plan to duplicate ourselves through hosting and presenting a Golden Writers’ Conference. Since I had the most time on my hands, which I disputed vehemently for the next six months until no-one else stepped up, and since my…

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