Batch Your Beat to Gain Traffic

Hey! If your personal speaking engagements and book sales are lagging, how do you beef up both?


Today, I’m going to share with you an idea from Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean for list-building and building website traffic. This idea will show you how to reach out to bunches of new people.

They pitch “What is sexy” as in, here’s the difference between sexy and not sexy.

  • Figuring out how to do a podcast isn’t sexy.
  • Publicizing that you plan to produce 15 new podcasts and be featured on 15 different people’s podcasts in the next thirty days is sexy! People will get interested to follow you.  Why?  Because it’s like reality television.  People wonder if it can be done or if you will fail.  If you succeed, they are just as curious as to the content.
  • It is not sexy to say, “I plan to launch my book on Kindle in the next year.” Everybody seems to be doing that these days.
  • Instead say, “I got an offer to publish a series of hardcover books this year that my publisher promises will take your breath away! My books will be featured on radio stations across the U.S., and you will see them featured in magazines and in the display window of your local store.” This challenge will get people’s hackles up as well as their curiosity.  People don’t believe someone within arm’s reach can write a quality series of hardcover books, or books of any kind, much less get them published. So they’ll check you out to see what you are up to.  Others will follow you because if you can do it, they will want you for a coach on how to do something similar!

Ramp up your entrepreneurial game, and get “sexy” with your own goals by making them your entire focus in a shorter amount of time, forcing yourself to do better, and then publicize what you are up to! In fact, get others to publicize what you are up to.  “Can you believe my friend is…? It makes me want to go after my own life-long goal.”

We all have great days where we realize we know more about one thing than most people know. But, do you realize that you can serve them by following through with your calling, acting on it here and now? A spark of inspiration gets us into development mode. Our work ethic rolls up its sleeves.

The goal is to produce more than what you even dreamed about.  If you have a topic to speak on, why not develop it into multiple topics with cue-cards, stories and a list of props? List how you can reuse your presentation over and over. Then, let people know you are ready for hire. Check back with them in two days to let them know you are serious. Use a small gift or gimmick to remind them.

Take a brainstorming session by the nose hairs, now, and retreat into your work chamber. Develop your personal challenge to be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.  Does it take your breath away?  Then, figure out a strategy to make it happen. If you are developing a proto-type, develop several and a means of testing uses.

No-one says you have to do this completely alone. We may need an accountability partner, a marketing team, or a creative helper to make all this happen. This is because God naturally made us for community. So, find someone to help, or several busy bees to give wings to your brainstorming, wings to their podcasting friend, to a television show, a librarian, a bookstore event planner, or to a community festival, and repay them with kindness.

Build your ground team. Meet with them once a week until you get ‘er done.

This kind of “sexy” program takes some chutzpah, but don’t we all have moments of great humor? Hubris can be written from the perspective of your boss. Opinions can be captured of the town’s people who praise you, recorded on your cell phone!

So, I challenge you, authors. 




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